Idea Forecasting
Idea Forecasting
Idea Forecasting
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The motivation of this site is to;
  1. Present and exchange Ideas,
  2. Discuss and Evaluate Ideas and
  3. Estimate the Probability of Ideas
In other words, attempt to forecast the probability that an Idea might have merit and blossom based upon an effect known as the Delphi Method.
There have been many attempts to explain this phenomena as “ The Wisdom of Crowds ”  but in reality, the creation of Ideas and those who are interested and motivated by Ideas are usually the same people that make Ideas come to fruition and could then be considered subject experts. Often the sites which attempt this activity utilize a "Put your money where your mouth is" strategy, and try to elevate this method to gaming theory. This betting on your opinion, in reality, is only an attempt to qualify and quantify the level of expertice the individual believes himself or herself to be. However this information is gathered, with the proper isolation of expert opinion, a consensus is formed and probabilities can be forecast.
But this site will attempt to stretch this concept a bit by also acting as a Idea Registry where an individual can note down an Idea in copyrightable public display and still allow discussion on the subject. So a secondary goal of this site is to record Ideas while still safeguarding personal Intellectual Property.
Notice: Every Idea that has been recorded here will carry a copyright symbol (©) if the indivual who posts here, identifies themselves with the their Idea.
So if you have an Idea, Click on the Ideas link at the top of the page and lay claim to it. 
"Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas.
If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats."
Howard Aiken (1900 - 1973)

"The best ideas are
common property."
Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD), Epistles

"This is my answer to the gap between ideas and action
- I will write it out."
Hortense Calisher