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Creating Ideas under the catagory wishful thinking If you could suggest Ideas, and have them happen, would they be dreams, or nightmares?
Truth © under the catagory Ideaforecasting Just another idea
it@cork © under the catagory Business I attended a session of the it at cork conference and was unimpressed, business managers talking to business managers about shallow buzz words, and educators promoting old style lecturing in a virtual container. Nothing new. I expect ultimate failure.
Anonymous under the catagory Anonymous Just so you know you can post Anonymously!
Spam Test © under the catagory SpamThis is a test
QR Codes on products © under the catagory QR CodesI am looking forward to the day when all products at a store will have QR Codes that will lead to public web sites for further details on the product, product reviews and wikipedia entries.
Sync-Me-Up under the catagory Better wayThere is surely a better way.
Apprenticeship under the catagory UnemploymentThe future of Irish unemployment, or for that matter, unemployment anywhere, may involve re-establishing an apprenticeship, where students, or other unemployed IT/Scientific/Technical workers live with those in the same industry who ARE working, and learn the business from them, as MASTERS of the craft.
17663615311 © under the catagory IforeseeRT @iforesee Apple Antenna Spin #apple #fail...
17342366353 © under the catagory IforeseeTwitter Bots are still interesting, so my @querynet, @iforesee, @fleetthoughts and @ideaforecasting and their associated websites are keepi…
14170238986 © under the catagory Iforesee@Omaniblog if you want an example, twitter to @iforesee then visit the link on it"s twitter page. @kencurtin
12939127599 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee #NokiaN8 being panned in the press for lousy OS UI !
the west © under the catagory apple Enhanced book of Irish fiction for iPad, iphpne, itouch. Includes ebook (text) spoken word, music, song + artwork. I"ve already done this but according to the blogs, it"s too far ahead of the curve.
iPad © under the catagory Apple Having read this article about iPad sales predicted to top 7.1 million in 2010 alone, the term, FanBoy gains a new meaning, Delusional! It"s not that the iPad isn"t cute, or that it won"t BE fun or even useful. It"s that this is still a recession, and there aren"t 7.1 Million geeks in the world who have enough money to buy this thing. The second point, Apple with all it"s planning couldn"t get God to manufacture 7 million of these things this year. I almost assumed that the article was a late April Fool"s joke. But there really are a lot of people who believe that Apple can do no wrong. Mostly because of youthful forgetfulness no one seems remembers the Cube and even though Steve Job"s was not at Apple, still there was the Newton. I remember, I still have a Newton 100, which I upgraded from the the original Messagepad. And I think, I"m even pretty sure the sales of the iPad will not exceed 1 million sales this year. I can almost guarantee they will NOT exceed 2 Million. Given that, it will still be profitable, and considered a success. I might even like to have one, except of the fact that I already have something a lot more practical, and ultimately more useful, a Nokia N900!
Internet © under the catagory Zero Censorship While reading this article 5 Reasons Why Online Freedom of Speech Does Not Exist I was encouraged that a person of Arabic decent wrote it. And is spot on about the real lack of freedom on the internet. And a thought came to mind that what Irelands "Smart Economy" ought to be, is to create a genuine open internet connection to the world. An Internet free of ALL censorship, blocking, filtering and snooping both into and out to the rest of the internet. Even so much as establishing free VPN connections into the country for people living in internet "oppressed" world areas thus giving an open gateway into a free, and (as) open as anyone could make, Internet. It would not prevent countries from blocking export of banned information into Ireland, but Ireland would not add any blockages. And it would not prevent information from Ireland into censored countries. but it would create a cloud of truly free internet. I think this could foster an internet "Switzerland" much like Switzerland is to banking. Businesses like Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Skype would find this an attractive country to expand and centralize in. It would make Ireland an Internet sanctuary for complete and open exchange of ideas and communications.
9570471228 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee the quick failure of twitter commercial adverting.
9137355365 © under the catagory Iforesee@querynet MeeGo WeGo @iforesee
8277626870 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee and do @ideaforecasting with @fleetthoughts about @querynet for #biztweet
8277406717 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee and @ideaforecast @fleetthoughts about @querynet to @damienmully for #biztweet
8276255657 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee and @ideaforecast @fleetthoughts about @querynet to @damienmully
7913046539 © under the catagory Iforesee@web2ireland @ideaforecasting @querynet @iforesee @fleetthoughts
7742930636 © under the catagory WeatherRT @Branedy: Warning: there is BLACK ICE all over the streets in Ballincollig @abouttheweather
7741302810 © under the catagory WeatherWarning: there is BLACK ICE all over the streets in Ballincollig @abouttheweather
The End of World of Warcraft © under the catagory Social Gaming Blizzard"s World of Warcraft game leads the MMORPG market and is very flexible in order to stay this way. Making a "Newer game" doesn"t do much to pull people away either. The only way to convince people to move away and do something productive would be to degrade the backbone of the game....the players. Obviously, being overt would cause people to discredit the idea before it fully works. First, find something that every WoW player has in common. This is fairly easy if you actually play the game. With the constant use of achievements, honor, and sites like WoW Armory and WoW Heroes, the answer is Pride. Most players need constant approval of themselves and downright refuse to accept anything other than perfect success. Second, group them together to maximize your efforts. I"d suggest creating a stylish website that tracks a character"s progress, such as does, but in addition to gear ratings and personal opinions of readiness for battles, add something everyone takes personally....their performance. Third, turn them on each other. Allow a rating system for each player to critique others. Something everyone is quick to do. When a group dies in battle, everyone is quick to blame others. The website will be the collection of that sudden aggression towards others. As the site becomes popular, people will care greatly about their reviews. Conclusion. This obviously adds much more social pressure and a desire for perfection, and most people will just stress out and eventually give up. This hypothesis is supported by forums of reasons why people took breaks from WoW in between expansions and reasons for leaving in general: the majority of people not accepting imperfection. Notes: If the site is not respected as credible, it will fail in the beginning. Banners like "all submissions are monitored" or "reviewed" to exclude cruel intent should be used. Eventually when the "hook" is set, stop reviewing.... This is a very destructive idea or salvation, depending on your point of view.
7413793733 © under the catagory Weather@abouttheweather tempeture is dropping an freezing in Ballincollig
7357967387 © under the catagory WeatherBranedy � Blog Archive � About the Weather at @abouttheweather: With everyone twitting about the weather condit..
7346789060 © under the catagory Weather@abouttheweather is at
7346488414 © under the catagory WeatherI have added another twitterbot @abouttheweather to aggregate weather twits. Add it to your twits about weather conditions.
7337977873 © under the catagory WeatherAbout the Weather at @abouttheweather: With everyone twitting about the weather conditions in Ireland lately, I cre...
7337803089 © under the catagory WeatherRT @walter: roads and paths are treacherous. not looking forward to drive to work tomorrow. @abouttheweather
7336266850 © under the catagory Weather@conoro when talking about the weather in the future, try twiting it to @abouttheweather as an aggrator of weather twits.
7335056608 © under the catagory Weather@abouttheweather What is the weather in Cork?
7252208248 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee A Happy New Years for everyone, and best wishs for a better 2010.
6699827968 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee #eXpansys a more likely source for #nokia #n900 than #amazon, trying my luck now.
6237546967 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee being Pi__ed off with #nokia and #amazon a while over my delayed #n900 biding my time for another 18 days will be hard.
6197580259 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee a wish to see an #n900 shipped from Amazon today.
5926441235 © under the catagory IforeseeRT @Branedy: @iforesee a management awakening at #nokia about the #n900 sales in the NY Flagship store.
5926426157 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee a management awakening at #nokia about the #n900 sales in the NY Flagship store.
5886283111 © under the catagory IforeseeIn the vein of "with lemons, make lemonaid" Cork needs to add hydro electric generators to the Lee ! @iforesee
5840031892 © under the catagory Iforeseehopefully the UK will see the #n900 shipping tomorrow, if not maybe later @iforesee
5680162938 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee no amount of wishing will make my #n900 arrive this week, Amazon still not shipping it yet.
5586572609 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee a Happy person if my #n900 really does ship today :-)
5559374816 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee Nokia being made to look bad by competitors predicting a N900 ship date today!
5559314990 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee Nokia N900 shipping at the END of Nov, as was predicted from my Amazon pre-order email #n900 #maemo
5555522091 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee Murdock News Corp blocking of Google Indexing as a big failure, soon to be known as "Ruperts Folly!"
5555514257 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee Murdock News Corp blocking of Google Indexing as a big failure, soon to be known as "Ruperts Folly!"
5529391117 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee a setup being created to make Nokia apear to slip the ship date for the #n900 from a mythical 14th Nov ship date.
5482634859 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee another restless week before my #n900 ships. :-(
5435726291 © under the catagory IforeseeRT @iforesee: There seems to be a lot of talk about a ship date of next week for the #n900 heres to hoping @fleetthoughts
5434654926 © under the catagory IforeseeRT @iforesee: There seems to be a lot of talk about a ship date of next week for the #n900 heres to hoping @fleetthoughts
5362284426 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee that if the Nokia #n900 does not ship before Christmas, it will fail, and customers will wait for #Maemo 6 products.
5347037962 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee that apps will not be developed for #n900 #maemo until there are N900"s in customers hands!
5314956986 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee Nokia being negatively reviewed over N900 delay #n900 #maemo
5286546264 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee Twitter #Lists for twitterers to be taken OFF Twitter Lists
5284084549 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee a Friday!
5270537130 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee an App Marathon for #n900 #maemo on the 31st indicates a shipping date next week.
5257152171 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee a pandemic of panic about internet bandwidth #H1N1
5232287412 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee a great deal of joy if my #n900 ships on the 2nd of Nov as Amazon claims currently.
5182938608 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee and even @loudervoice for LouderVoice
5120358585 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee that Twitter agratators will be the next Big Thing!
5101018037 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee a Jazz weekend in Cork
5096536234 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee A new way to preserve your inspirations and visions.
5094281262 © under the catagory Iforesee@iforesee A lot of Nokia Bashing about the Apple Lawsuit #nokia #apple
The Begining under the catagory Iforesee This is the first prediction.
U.S. Civil War under the catagory Politics I believe that there will be genuine civil war in the United States within two years. This will come about due to radical groups like the GOP or a splinter group of the GOP as a last resort of losing power and influence. The loss triggered by the Fear mongering and Propaganda broadcast on FOX News professing to be Truthful and Honest will trigger a violent reaction amongst traditional GOP financed hate groups. Armed groups will attack federal institutes, both openly and through bombings via proxy groups.
Maemo SDK under the catagory Maemo I have been working on my installation of Maemo 5 SDK and finding it a tough go, as some of it isn"t working. I keep thinking that the SDK it too hard to induce new developers. That the SDK should be streamlined to be more like the emulator in the Android kit.
Alarm Clock © under the catagory Twitter The Idea comes to mind that what twitter needs is an app that will allow you to twitter a personal alarm set to twit you back at at the predetermined alarm setting.
Querynet © under the catagory Twitter One more project that has been near and dear is @querynet. It is more or less (now) a Google search engine that utilized Twitter as a user interface. When using the mention @querynet in a twit, you will receive a reply, five actually, that will contain the first 5 responses from google. While condensed into the 120 characters of a twit, it comes across like a madman babbling, but usually contains a practical answer. The formal Idea behind this is to put some intelligence behind this to make an effective 120 character response message. What do you think, try it.
Idea Forecasting © under the catagory Prediction Markets This whole project (which you are reading now) is about an aspect of Prediction Markets which I believe is underrated. And that is the discussions that take place within a "Market". The whole Delphi phenomenon which occurs when individuals can add a market, and a dialog begins is amazing. In participating with the Open Coffee Cork group I noted, as others have, that the open discussion of new ideas becomes the most interesting outcome of any meeting. Hence this site, a copyrightable Idea exchange open to the public to accent new Ideas.
Fleeting Thoughts © under the catagory Twitter I have been working on my fleeting thoughts project at and have have never put this up for discussion here at Idea Forecasting I think this is a great idea, but it"s not getting any traction. I"d love some feedback, but then again, no one is paying attention.
Twitter Marketing under the catagory InternetIf Twitter is to be successful it will have to rise in significance as a business tool. It will have to gain a ROI that can be qualified, and command the attention of management for the application of manpower.
Twitter © under the catagory Internet The Project Query-the.Net may be moot, as the textural result of a Google query compressed into a 120 Twitter, does not seem to convey enough information. I am hoping the AI. Natural query portion will net better response. In the meantime I cast doubt on the long term of Twitter. Being that it is a high profile target, I can imagine a time when it comes under repeated attack to the point of making it unavailable most of the time.
NAMA © under the catagory PoliticsI believe that the NAMA will fail to recover any property and that billions of Euro will be expended and lost on attempts to recover the banking losses and reprocess property from developers. In fact many politicians will be implicated in corruption schemes in the process.
Google Issues © under the catagory Apple iPhone I think the issues involving AT&T and Apple regarding the removal of Google Voice applications will cause a massive backlash against Apple and the iPhone. This could be a great opening to a surge in Palm Pre, and Android Phones. And could be a wedge to a monopoly action in the courts against the AT&T Apple contracts.
Cold Fusion under the catagory Fusion I predict that within 10 years, someone will discover a real Cold Fusion reaction with reproducible results.
Church Child Abuse © under the catagory Politics What do you think the odds are that any action will be taken by Fianna Fail to prosecute the Church over their systematic child abuse and the coverups that followed. I suspect that the current government will forgive them.
Genological Application under the catagory Facebook There are groups from Family Tree y-DNA who are suggesting that there should be a method to link Facebook (or other social network systems ) members own family trees together. There are several groups on facebook now which are communicating family DNA information.
Disscussions under the catagory Open Coffee Cork I think there will be a major project created out of the discussions that take place at Open Coffee Cork.
Commercial Fusion Power © under the catagory Fusion I predict that there will be sustainable Fusion generation before the end of 2010. It will probably take the form of a research project.
The Nature of Ideas © under the catagory Idea_Forcasting
Imagination, is more important, than Knowledge, Albert Einstein
This is the nature of Idea!